What I wish I could share with you

Each Day Spent by James R. Eads

When I discover cool new places to hangout

When my sister got married

When I figured something out about myself

When I read interesting articles I think you’d like

When I find new companies I want to work for and want your opinion

When I find rad new music

When I was finally okay with school again

When old friends come back into my life

When my brother started college

When I end toxic relationships

When I quit jobs I didn’t like

When my sister got her first boyfriend

When I go foodie exploring and come across amazing hole-in-the-walls

When I got my dream internship

When I catch up with an old friend

When I rediscover something about myself

When my brother got engaged

When I try beer I think you’d enjoy

When I succeed at something I previously struggled with

When my brother had a kid

When I met my brother’s kid

When I graduate college

When I get my first “real” post-graduation job

When I first purchase property

When my sister has to experience her first heartbreak

When I get into grad school

When I graduate grad school

When I love something but need the grace to let it go

When I don’t know which way to go

When I get engaged

When I get married

When my sister gets engaged

When I need the strength to accept the things I cannot change

When friends pass away

When I have my first kid

When I have my second kid

When my brother finally thanks me

When I want to help people but have to let them learn on their own

When my grandmother dies

When my sister gets married

When my sister has a kid

When I struggle financially

When I adopt more children

When my parents die

When I have to learn to live without my dad

When I have to let my kids fall in love

When I have to watch my kids go through their first heartbreaks

When illness strikes my loved ones

When my kids go away to college

When my kids get married

When I become a grandparent

When my siblings start to die

When my best friend dies

When you die

When I die

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