Why the millennial workforce may struggle

Gen Y has an inherent need for their careers to be significant, satisfying, and sustainable. This is an admirable desire, but can be quite difficult to acquire.

We tend to feel pretty entitled. I think this exists strongly in our specific era because most of us are born in the U.S. while generations past consisted of more immigrants. Entitlement is not the ideal mindset to have when trying to get a job and it’s rather apparent to employers. This mentality can be very discouraging when we have to work our way from the bottom in companies. However, that’s just the reality of being a fresh fish in the working life. For the most part, things we haven’t earned through much effort won’t land in our laps on a golden platter — often a hard lesson learned for millennials.

Working for a company that ethically aligns with is us so important. Most individuals of previous generations have had to take jobs and work for companies they deeply dislike and whose vision disgusts them. This was just what they had to do because of their financial situations and better choices weren’t necessarily readily available. I admire the depth of sticking to one’s values regardless of the outcome because being ethical is viewed as the most important component — I personally live by the same principles. However, this can leave us unemployed or underpaid for an extended period of time, which is not really conducive to leading a functional and comfortable life in our current society.

We are pretty lazy and don’t necessarily enjoy “hard work.” This has its pros and cons. We want to find the most efficient way to complete tasks which requires the ability to quickly critically think, troubleshoot, and innovate. It also tends to be cost-effective for employers because tons can be done in a fairly short amount of time and new ideas are bouncing off the walls like never before. With the creativity and passion of millennials, the workforce is being transformed. The uniqueness of startups these days are beyond fascinating. I look forward to how the compassion and drive inherent in Gen Y impacts our labor pool and global economy.

Happiness is the typical priority for our generation. We don’t want to settle and will go to the ends of the earth to ensure we get our heart’s desires. The love millennials have for all beings leaves me in awe. I have never felt so proud to be part of anything as much as I am to be a 90s kid and all that the package deal entails.

All this being said, although our generation is incredibly wholesome, I’m not entirely sure how ready our society as a whole is for us. We still have previous generations that severely misunderstand us and think our priorities are all out of whack. I personally think our hearts are in the right place and that if you truly do what you love, you will be successful.

We may not be accurately perceived right now, but I know we will all do great things. The misfortune our world is currently experiencing will diminish in time if love is truly prioritized. I strongly believe honest love is the solution to all problems. Wherever there is genuine love, anything is possible. The power of love transcends all earthly setbacks.