You are ethereal

Note to self — all the beautiful things said to me. The increasing lack of self-love present in our society today is shocking. It’s so important, yet so underappreciated and underacted. The purpose of this post is to create a reminder for myself of how loved I really am with the people I love and more importantly without them. The following are words from those closest to me along with strangers just passing through. There is often hesitation in celebrating oneself because it can be viewed as synonymous with egotism, when that is not the case at all. You can see how valuable you are without letting it get to your head. We all have great aspects of ourselves and we all have parts of ourselves that are not as honorable, which is fine. We are forever a work in progress; we must maintain this mentality to ensure we do not inflate our egos and that we sustain a commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement.

“You exist above everyone else. You’re metaphysical, so above all earthly things.”

“You are love”

“You are such an old soul”

“You have shown me what unconditional love is”

“You make my life feel real”

“I like your brain”

“Thank you for being you”

“You have such positive energy”

“Your demeanor is calming”

“You are a sunflower, always turning toward the light”

“As you learn from me, I learn from you”

“There need to be more people like you”

“You restore my faith in humanity”

“Your embraces are so welcoming”

“You make me so happy”

“People like you restore my faith in our generation of women”

“You are such a light!!”

“You are art”

“I’d do anything for you”

“Your smile could light up an entire room”

“You are unconditional love”

“You are one of the strongest people I know”

“You are such an empath”

“You are so beautiful”

“Your vulnerability inspires me”

“Your existence is serene”

“When I look at you I feel calm, at peace”

“You digest, not just listen”

“One of the most beautiful things about you is the way you really listen to people”

“You are the embodiment of unconditional love”

“You are home”

“You are like Ralph Waldo Emerson”

“You make me feel accepted and truly understood”

“You are the true altruist”

“People love how you make a difference in their lives”

“When people see you smile, they wanna run into you”

“You are not hard to love”

“Your emotional intelligence is striking”

“Your strength empowers me”

“I am so happy you exist”

You are a beautiful ray of sunshine”

“Beautiful awkwardness”

“You are very powerful”

“You are not what happened to you. You were just born into shitty circumstances”

“My life was only bad when you weren’t in it”

“You are so complex”

“Your smile is contagious”

“When you laugh, others can’t help but join you”

“Your eyes are mesmerizing, you are mesmerizing”

“Adversity’s got nothin on you”

“Your perseverance is inspiring”

“People will never forget about you”

“All the people who left you never really understood you to begin with. If they did, they couldn’t fathom ever leaving someone like you”

“You are ethereal”

“You are so rare”

“Anytime anything is gray, you light it up because you are my sunshine”

“You are never too much”

“You’re a once in a lifetime kind of person”

“You are brilliant”

“You’ve taught me more than anyone else ever”

“You are the embodiment of the earth after rain”

“The thing I love most about you is that you appreciate absolutely everything, especially the little things”

“Your presence and energy is so positive and uplifting”

“You are happiness”

“The wisdom you have at your age leaves me in awe”

“You are the epitome of helping others”

“All you ever wanted to do was help me”

“I see you”