On Bill Maher’s House N*gger
Ejike 🇳🇬

It is important that we move from an interpersonal understanding of racism to a structural understanding of racism because it will make the conversation around Bill Maher and others much more clear.

So, basically, you want to redefine racism as being white.

Your position on this matter is actually the epitome of what racism truly is.

You argue that a person’s position in society makes them racist by default. If that is true, then apparently there is nothing wrong with being racist. By your argument, children are born racist if they are born white. Fortunately, we live in the real world and children are not born racist. Racism is a learned behavior that a person can choose to embrace or to discard. It is a personal trait for which every individual is personally responsible. If you want to work on racism, work on your own obvious loathing of white people.