My History of Free and Open Source Software
Stephen Walli

Stephe, this is thoughtful as you always are. Meme #10 is a powerful thought that may help us reduce conflict and make more progress as an industry.

Regarding your use of the term “community”, I am not convinced that moneyed vs. non-moneyed is a powerful way to divide the domains of community vs. customer. Chip Childers has talked about open source as a way to move from “producer-consumer” to “producer-producer” relationships. Customers as you segment them are in “producer-consumer” relationships, and the community is in “producer-producer” relationships. Economic outcomes can exist in the community and some of the most powerful alignments are created through community + commerce.

In Cloud Foundry, our examples of this group might be GE, Bosch, Swisscom, CenturyLink, Stark & Wayne, Altoros, and CloudCredo (now part of Pivotal, but independent from inception to December 2015).