Appventure: Day 22

4:45 AM-Learning Sketch

Is this even worth it? Getting up to stare into a box in the darkness. Possessed by a sense of purpose. To contribute. But lacking the know-how. The funds. Just another dreamer trying to build an App. Hoping it will be my escape and my salvation. My dent in the universe. But haunted by reality. The odds. It’s no different than any other endeavor. If you search for the reasons it won’t work. Why you won’t make it. You’ll find one. Leaving you no choice but to ignore the voices. The haters. And press forward. At its core, I know the idea is sound. The front-end is solid. I have the industry experience. The business credentials. A better-than-average understanding of the blockchain and the advantages it promises. Plus the contacts: everyone I need to advise and contribute. And the mission is worthwhile-a way to tap into billions of joules of untapped energy and harness it for good. It’s so ambitious. Probably just far enough ahead of the game that it’s a bit before it’s time. The marriage of two of tomorrow’s most disruptive technologies, so says Peter Diamandis. For purpose, not profit. Maybe that’s the achilles heal? In an economy obsessed with growth and earnings, will people truly want to help? Will they fund an on-going endeavor where the the pay-off targets hearts not hedgefunds? I am confident they will. We live in a time when love feels like it’s in short supply–raising the demand. My gut tells me in the Age of Trump, there will be an explosion of giving, a need for tools built to cleanse our souls. Vehicles that vividly demonstrate we–particularly Americans–are, at our core, kind and caring; despite what the headlines read. I predict that the confluence of forces at play will usher forth a renaissance–a golden age–where our humanity is tested and finally begins its inevitable march to enlightenment. It is darkest before the dawn. And Donald Trump is no mistake. He is the manifestation of our greatest fears. The catalyst required to wake us all from our apathetic slumber and turn our collective outrage into action. I am not building an App. I am on a mission. An adventure. An App-venture. A bit grandiose? Perhaps, but is there anything more exciting that setting forth on a journey where the conclusion is uncertain? I guess I just answered my own question. Hell yeah it’s worth it!