How I Got Fired From The Startup I Grew

Sometimes we take decisions very easily, but there are times when its tough to make a decision to choose one option out of many best options.

Nearly three years ago [in 2015] I learned choice making is difficult when all the choices we have are really important to us , here in my story all choices are about joining a company , it’s hard to choose one particular company to join when we have offers from good companies.

I am Sravan , I used to work as freelance web 2015 I have decided to join a company , its because I want to know how it is to work in a corporate firm.though I am a web developer and delivered many successful web apps to my clients I always had a wish to work in a company and feel how it feels to work in a time frame and in a team.

I have uploaded my resume in one job portal , I have checked for remote jobs on and applied for two jobs on that site.

From the next day I got calls from companies and I have scheduled one interview and attended but to my luck I didn’t got selected.

The very next day I got 2 emails one from the company I applied on phpclasses and other one from company which is famous in India for car trading.both asked me to solve the programmes they sent me , I got it and interviews scheduled one on phone and other on Skype.

It was midnight , I switched off my desktop and I am about to set my mobile into sent mode , I got a whatsapp message.

It’s from my friend who is working in states , he asked me if I can take a call now which is from his colleague who want a website.

I said no way , I am not accepting freelancing anymore , but he asked me to talk to the person and if I am really not interested I can say it to the person.

I said ok , I waited for his call and i got the call after half hour.he asked me about my experience and my skill set and he told me he is about to start a software company and launch web applications and his first idea is to launch price comparison portal.

That’s it nontechnical questions nothing , I told him what I am capable of and how I can help him.

Within five minutes he said he hired me and discussed about pay details.

Next day I attended interview on Skype for the us company , it’s a big company which provides brand marketing for its clients.

Their c.t.o asked me to explain each line of code to make sure am I the one furloughed their test or not.I got it too.I got the job and they offered me very very attractive pay.

Next day I got call from the other company hr and he informed me that I got selected and negotiated my pay.

This is the toughest movement for me , I got three jobs , one is a famous company in India and offered me decent pay.

Other is a startup which have not started by that time and I am the first employee but the pay they offered is more than the first company.

Third one is a big company and offering remote job and the pay they offered is double the amount of what the startup offered me.

Now I am unable to decide which company I want to’s what I thought

The first company is already famous and I need not to help to build it .

The startup is risky , at that time I am not sure even they pay me regularly and I have to built their product and make it work.

The third company is offering more money and I can work from home comfortably.

I chooses to work with the startup , I accepted the challenge to test my decision making ability and my skills.I decided to join the startup but I didn’t get offer letter from them yet .

After three days I got call from the us company and they asked me when will I join , I said sorry and I chooses other job.

The next day I got email from their c.o.o and asked for a discussion on Skype .I joined the call and he told me that their test is tough and few people only solve all their questions.

He even told me they have idea to open their office in India with in coming two years and that time I can get benefited.

I told him I decided to work with startup , he explained me not choose startup because they are risky , he even told me if I choose not to join their company it’s ok , but he personally advised me not to join startups which not started yet or which does not have much funding.

He gave me two days to think after about their job.I called my friend on that day and asked him to talk to his friend and confirm they are sending me offer letter or not.I got call from his friend in the night and he sent me the offer letter.

I got into the office , (it’s an 3 bedroom apartment which have 3 or 4 tables and I am given with one laptop) and it’s my office.

Started from there we hired 26 employees and recently we started development of our next product for comparing movie tickets.

But at this stage, i got fired from the Startup and after 3 months the startup got shutdown.

In next posts, i will tell you why i got fired from the Startup and list the mistakes what made the startup collapse.

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