Yesterday will never “come back”:

The “SUN” may rise again..Although tomorrow the sun may rise but not the same way of hope. We want our day to come back like what happened today when we experience something new. It will come back as the sunshine,but not in the same way. Sun may twinkle like a hot star or it may bristle like showering rain..
The budding excitement in our heart will rise with the new hopes to begin a new day called TODAY..

Live your life today becz surely we all will be reminding what happened yesterday..soo..if today is has a happy end we can think of the day anytime.. Today’s reality is our yesterday’s shadow. Today should b always beautiful- never in life we should be sad of our past. We should always welcome the present asking it to comeback with new blooming buds becz yestdy will never come back in the same way, but yesterday should come back in a way to start up our PRESENT day .. like giving a present for upcoming future..