Be Honest — What Have You Done Lately?

‘What have you done lately?’

That’s the one question that has the intrinsic power to keep us on our toes. It has the power to haunt us, to inspire us, to push us out of our cocoons and to tell us that there’s a lot we can do to be the person we want to be.

Try this.

Call yourself out and ask: ‘What have you done lately John?’ or ‘What have you done lately, Joanna?’

Ask again, louder.

Did you notice the faint stir in your heart?

Did you realize that familiar feeling of ‘I want to’ echo in yourself when you hear your voice asking the question?

Now go ahead and answer to yourself. Talk of work, talk of passions, talk of your ambitions, talk of anything that you feel has been a recent achievement. It can be as tiny as anything, or it can be massive. Just be true to yourself.

Remember, it has to be recent.

Do not bank on your historical achievements and milk an old cow. We often end up talking of what we did at school, or the project we did at college (which may have been a good 10 years back). If that is the case with you too, think again of what you may have achieved in the recent past. Recent can be anything from yesterday to about 6 months back.

If you feel a little discomfort there, it is time to pull up your socks and do something. Change that vapid life of yours and challenge yourself. Dig into yourself, move the dry leaves, shake that moribund daily life and look within. Gather your ‘I want to’ that has been hiding under piles of dust. Pull it out and dust it off. Look at it closely. Talk more about it to yourself.

Challenge yourself. What do you want to achieve in life? Create a long term goal, a goal that you will cherish for as long as you live. Create a goal that does not remain a velleity for you; instead make it more worthwhile. It can be something like following a passion, learning a musical instrument, climbing Mt.Everest, being a certified scuba diving trainer, or anything that you want to achieve.

Next, define what is ‘long term.’ Estimate a time for it; 3 years, 5 years, or 2 years, or even just one year.

Break this long term goal into short term goals. Remember, each short term goal has to help you move towards your long term one.

Break down your short term goals into small bite sized pieces so they are easily achievable. As you strike through your bite size to-dos, you will realize that you have already finished some of your short term goals.

Look back and ask yourself ‘What have you done lately?’

Your answers can be the short term goals you’ve been meeting.

Achieving these short term goals will spur you into moving ahead without giving up, finally reaching that long term life-changing goal of yours.

Not only will this exercise give you a cultivated sense of sustained effort and achievement, moving ahead each step towards a bigger goal will make your efforts more impactful. You will learn to fly, and then to soar.

Remember, these are your goals. Only your efforts, your fights, and your gumption will bring them closer to you each day, and you will feel nothing less than victorious.

So tell me now, ‘What have you done lately?’