Have You Found Your Calling?

He looked at me with dreamy eyes and said ‘I’ve finally found my calling.’

A slight smile appeared at the corner of his lips. Or so I sensed.

‘Your calling? What is calling? Who is calling?’ I asked, my eyebrows joined in an exhibition of ignorance, exasperation, and surprise; all in one row on my forehead.

I heard a snigger.

‘You don’t get it. It is my calling. I’ve been looking for it for years, and I think I’ve finally found it,’ he said in one breath and exhaled deeply to show the relief he had finally got.

I seemed lost in a maze of sentences about a ‘calling,’ and thought it better to focus on my sandwich.

However, this ‘calling’ kept on scratching me. It scratched at all the wrong places where my hands couldn’t reach; my throat lining, the insides of my stomach, my lungs, my brain. Argh!

That was the first time I was exposed to something called ‘my calling.’ Since everyone else tried to find his or her calling, I tried to explore and find ‘my calling.’

The Swiss Alps are a little too fashionable for me. Therefore, I went to the Himalayas hoping to find my calling, but who would call me there? I could figure out that even Vodafone couldn’t really ‘touchbase’ with their bases, so there was a vague chance of anyone actually calling me. Actually, I almost got lost in the Himalayas. Looking around for yogis, I met some who seemed too weird to talk to. They called me for sure, but not by my name.

It turned out to be a trek in futility.

I went to the sea to find my calling. I slept on the beach there only to be bitten by black tiny spiders which frolicked on my body. Yes, I was called at though. Spurious business owners called me asking if I needed a sun-bed and an umbrella, if I needed to have lunch at their shacks, if I needed a two-wheeler to wheel around the city, if I needed a pair of anklets to wear on my seemingly hippy ankles.

That’s all. That was all who called me.

Lying on a sun-bed, I tried to look straight at the sun’s eyes, hoping to find some help there. All I found was dark spots in my eyes as soon as I tried to look elsewhere. Gave up!

Somehow, I was not really able to find ‘my calling.’ What was it? Where could I find it?

Extremely and desperately hopeless, I almost gave up and sipped on my margarita on evening on the beach.

Exactly at that opportune moment when I took my first sip and twirled it in my mouth, I realized I had found my calling. I could hear it. Yes, I could!!

It was my iPhone 7.

My phone was calling.

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