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Don’t Chase People. Chase Your Own Dreams

I’ve always wanted to be an author, however, honestly, I’ve to do a lot more to be one. I am a writer, but not an author. I write for self-gratification of my soul, got published in leading dailies, I write for the web, however, that itchy feeling still lingers that I have not really ploughed within to work on the story I want to tell.

Is it procrastination? I don’t know. I don’t think so. If it is, then I’ll probably wait for it to get over.

Keeping jokes aside, let me tell you that while I do look for that story, I let myself wander in the alleys of the fame of authors I love to follow. I read up about them and a certain magical feeling overtakes me. I wonder of the glory they have achieved and how supremely they are living their dreams.

The problem arises when the lives of these famous authors don’t really continue to inspire me. Unexpectedly, reading more and more about them makes me feel puny about myself. I look at their glory and beat myself up, and therefore, get more cantankerous in the process. It makes me queasy within and kills me somewhere. The worst thing happens when I put myself on the same ladder as they are, and when I look up, I see I’m nowhere near where they are. That churns my insides.

Like a wistfulness that remains a wistfulness.

Why, why do I do that?

Why do I chase them?

Why do I chase people and not my own dreams?

Thankfully, my good sense prevailed and I took a few steps back to rethink my frame of mind.

I have just looked at the tip of the iceberg that has a myriad of rosy hues sprinkled on it. I have not looked at their vociferous strength of mind to pursue their dreams and actually work towards it.

The same authors who I am looking at now as tremendously established have had early beginnings. They are at a strangely enviable level now because they started way way back. They did the right things, and they have been tenacious about their own dreams. They have worked immensely hard to get to where they are today. It is just that I do not realize the scathing hardships a lot of them go through. I have not looked at their resilience that makes them who they are now. I do not know how many hours they spend writing every single day to hone their craft. I do not know of the number of times they have been rejected. I do not know how many times they have slipped down that ladder I mentioned earlier to reach to the top.

I realized that I was being wrong in chasing people.

I realized that I was wronging myself.

I realized that I had to chase my own dreams.

My own dreams.

I realized that I have to build my palace with bricks of hard work, an indomitable spirit, and a lot more of hard work.

Or I can probably be more naturally optimistic and just hope for posthumous fame ;) ;).

What do you budding authors say? Have you ever felt this way? Do write your comments below, and if you have liked my post, send some hearts my way!

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