Let’s Find Our Roots!

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Carrot: 'I am extremely bored of my daily life.’

Radish: 'What do you think is boring about your life?’

Carrot: 'Rad, everything is boring. It’s the same sunlight I’m basking in, the same nitrogen I’m eating, the same soil I’m sleeping in. My life is over! I need to do something with my life!’

Radish: 'What is so boring about it? You need to be down to earth Carrie, like everyone else; like all of us.’

Carrot, wistfully: 'I don’t want to be down to earth anymore. I want to fly.’

Radish: 'We are not meant to fly Carrie. We are meant to wait to be harvested. It is our rite of passage.’

Carrot: 'No Rad. You are meant to wait. I am not. I will not wait to be peeled and sliced like all of you.’

Radish: 'I am looking forward to my days of pickled hedonism. I would love to be dipped in brine, just like my grandparents, and my parents. I don’t think pickles are boring!’

Carrot: 'I am not taking any more of my grounded life. I am going to find my calling.’

Radish: ‘Sounds relishing and promising Carrie. Where are you starting​?’

Carrot: 'I am going to find my roots.’

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