I’m supposed to make you wait? Nobody told me this.
julian rogers

That’s precisely the point julian! Thank you so much for *not* making me wait. Honestly, I totally understand that Editors and pub owners have a lot on their plates and I’m not expecting them to be superhuman. However, it would make life for a lot of writers easy if they give them a hint of what’s happening to their work and how long it may take them to look at it.

Speaking on those lines, you are one of my favorite editors, and I am not saying this just for the heck of it. Not only did you inform me that you would be on patchy connection when you had a crisis, you have given a lot of attention to what I’ve written and submitted. Thank you! I’ve also noticed that a lot of editors or pub owners do *nothing* to market posts from their writers but you clearly do for writers who write with the HitJob. I’ve never had any traffic come in from stumbleupon except for posts that I submit to your publication. Thank you for all that you do!