Who Doesn’t Want Spicy Fritters?

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The rains from the sky can often drench your mind. 
If that’s the case with you today, go eat a Pakoda. (Indian spicy fritter).

A pakoda, bright red in color signifying the amount of hot love that has gone into making it.
A hot pakoda.
Onion Pakoda.

Thick strips of onion which are much in need of yoga carelessly thrown in a yellow batter, swished around and ruthlessly dropped in hot oil.

Aah, don’t mind the visuals.

Take a bite.
One bite, and your eyes immediately close to accommodate the heat and the spice. Your tongue plays hide and seek with the piece in your mouth and tries to dodge the thing, but eventually, you make peace with the hot love.

Add a slurp of the hot ginger tea.
Enjoy the rains!

<<Rain and spicy fritters are always an exotic combo in India>>

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