On Myers Briggs and my Personality Type

My Myers Briggs Personality Result

I received an ENTP personality type diagnosis from the Myers Briggs test.

A talent for being clever with tasks and responsibilities is said to define a ENTP. Juggling tasks is said to be a characteristic way to spot an ENTP and can sometimes prove to be their downfall.
And ENTP is also defined to have a pervers sense of humour as well as being witty in general. They are mostly optimistic but become quite troubled when there are setbacks.
In business they are associated with ingenuity, change,improvement and experimentation.

I was fascinated by my results and my first thoughts were whether these results should be something I should hold strongly or merely address them as the status of my current personality at this moment.
Perhaps because I tried to take this attitude of not taking the results to seriously I enjoyed reading that the test had identified me as an individual who has a risque/perverse sense of humor and argues for sport which is something even I can admit to doing on a regular basis among my social circles.
I was then able to look at the results with an open mind, but was surprised to have been classified as being unaware of the general public. On the other hand I have always been an individual who makes a conscious effort to listen to others stories and opinions, and involve them in conversations or activities.

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