Not Enough Time

I haven’t been online a lot lately. There is just so much going on that I don’t have time left in the day. Yet there is so much I need to do on top of the current list of chores.

The latest of which is that my in-laws were incredibly generous and offered to give us some money for a home project. Xina (Christina) and I had a few ideas as soon as the offer was made. Our ideas were left field (new fridge and other such goodies) and right field (fence), so we came together and picked something in center field. We decided to replace our flooring on our entire first floor. Our house is full of cheap carpet and padding, and it’s a pain to keep clean with a bunch of kids and a few dogs. The down side was that we would only have enough to get the materials… so install was up to us — well, me! We chose some fantastic porcelain tile. For most of the rooms, it will be the porcelain tiles that look like wood planks, and for the kitchen and foyer, we will put down a stone-looking porcelain tile. 1400 square feet of tile and supplies are in our basement now. And let me tell you, it was a chore moving it all down there.

This project will consist of me tearing up our old flooring, cleaning up the subfloor, laying down many sheets of backer board, and then laying down tile. I’m pretty comfortable laying down tile, but I’ve never taken on a tile/flooring project of this size. Our house has a few oddly shaped rooms, and I’m not looking forward to doing the math to make those crazy cuts — but I’m confident we’ll get it done. No promises on how long it will take me though. And yes, I plan to post an update once I make some progress. (See, one more thing to do!)

So far, I’ve only pulled up the carpeting and wood flooring from the foyer, living room, and dining room — the three rooms closest to our entry way. I then cleaned the subfloor and sealed it. I also put down backer board in the living room. I plan to finish that room by this weekend if all goes well, and then it will be on to the next room, and then the next, and so on. I can already tell that the most difficult portion of this entire project will be screwing down the backer board. About 60 screws go into each sheet of backer board, and I have about 100 sheets. You do the math. I already have blisters on my hand from doing one room.

But, again, the problem with such a project is that I have so much other stuff that will either get in the way of progress, or will be impacted by this big project.

Work — I still have to put food on our plates and pay the mortgage, so work comes first.

Xina’s second fiction novel — It is already well past due. She finished it up early this year, yet I have barely made a dent in editing it.

Kids — I always make time for my kids, and I won’t let this project get in the way of that. In fact, Hayden will have basketball practice for the next few months, so that will pull me away from this home project too.

Xina — Just like the kids, I always try to make time for her too. Date nights were always hard to come by early in our marriage, but we’ve made it a point to spend more alone time together.

Holidays — Enough said!

I’m looking forward to the end result of what will be many nights of hard work — with blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears — but I must find time for all those other “things” too. Here we go…

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