Where Does Time Go

I can’t believe it has been as long as it has since I last posted. Time just flies. So much has happened since my last post, so I’ll just break it down…


I moved to Medium. They finally implemented a capable import system, and after some cleaning up, the posts I wanted to keep are now here at Medium. For those that have followed me in the past, you know I give every platform a chance — even those I create myself. But Medium just feels nice. Here’s hoping it keeps up the great work.


She finished her second book and is deep into the third. Unfortunately, with a full time job, kids, and honey-do chores, I have not been the most timely of editors. We still plan to wrap up the books and distribute them, but for those that read book 1, I’m sure there is a sour taste having to wait so long. Clearly publishing books is not a simple undertaking. The fault is mine. Sorry!


This guy is rocking college and searching high and low for internships to get his foot in the door within a line of work that will make him happy… and money. For those that tell young people that they have it easy, you’re wrong. Finding a job nowadays is a nightmare. Corey is working his tail off to find his path.


He completed his Navy training. He’s kicking butt in his field. His ship has been docked since he got out of “school” so he is a bit disappointed about that. But he’s being patient, and he knows his turn to get out to sea is coming. He’s made close friends where he is stationed, and has just become a new man.


He’s a high school senior now. While his grades could be better, he has improved this year and has begun discussions with recruiters, as he plans to join the military. It’s disappointing that him having ADHD when he was younger may cause a hardship getting through the medical checks, but we are going to do our best to help him through the process.


He’s in middle school and has found a new passion — basketball. He loves it. He wakes to basketball news, heads out to play as soon as he gets home, works with a great coach in the area, made the middle school team, dreams about it, and the worst part… wants every pair of b’ball shoes that are on the market.


Dean is our baby… well, not really a baby anymore. He’s in elementary school and is a great kid. His grades are amazing and his behavior even more so. He gets nothing but kudos from the school staff.


The flooring project is finally complete. Christina and I pulled the old flooring and prepped the subfloors. This was an incredibly difficult chore. Our entire first floor was impacted by the project, so it was no simple task. I tiled one room, and it turned out great. Knowing how I felt after just one room, Christina and I decided to outsource the rest of the effort. We found a local team, and we are very happy with the job they did. We’ve since rearranged furniture, replaced appliances, and created a focal wall around our fireplace. While we’ve been here many years, I’m really loving the changes to our home.


I received a promotion recently, and with it has come a whole new set of headaches. While I remain in IT, the game of politics comes into play much more now, which I can’t say I enjoy. It’s not that I’m not good at it. I just don’t like the nonsense that I have to deal with daily. I’m a fix it kind of guy, and when I hear nothing but whining, I can only shrug and wonder why those complaining aren’t like me and trying to fix it. Don’t whine — fix it! But I play my part, hear them out, and hold their hand through the situation. I admit I still have some growing in this new position, and I’m willing and able.


Of course, we’ve been on a cruise since the last one I posted about. This time it was just me and Christina. We had a great time. In addition, we took Dean and Hayden to Disney World. The 3 older boys had either already gone and didn’t want to go, or couldn’t go due to work or other obligations. So it was just the four of us. Well, we decided to camp at the resort campground. We have a huge tent, so room was not an issue. But did I mention it was August? Have you been to Florida in August? Well, I had, so I made sure we had some important supplies. By that I mean an A/C. We had a portable A/C unit that in theory would keep us cool in the hot Florida weather, so camping would be great, right? Well, yeah, I said in theory! Unfortunately, the A/C died the very first night. The air was humid, and we were a sticky mess. We went out and bought a fan and found ways to improve the remainder of our stay, but while the days were fun-filled and we all had a blast, the nights were not as much fun. By the end of the trip, Christina and I were exhausted — not just due to Disney World, but due to a lack of good sleep!

So that leads me to the next item!

We bought a travel trailer! On the way home from Disney, Christina and I joked that we love to camp, but tent camping sucks! Especially when your A/C dies. So what better way to fix that then to buy an RV. We talked about it more in-depth, and before you know it, we were window shopping. We checked out local dealers. Found a floorplan we loved. And then we went to the Hershey Park RV Show. If you’ve ever been, you know it can be overwhelming. Sure enough, we found our trailer. A few weeks later it was ours, and we’ve made regular outings since. We have even more scheduled this year. We love our trailer and having the chance to travel and camp, and… avoid the elements. The kids seem to really enjoy it as well. So despite those that say otherwise, it has been a great investment.

I’m sure I’ll post about our recent ventures (cruise, Disney, and camping) soon.

Well, there you have it. Until next time!

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