What is your carbon footprint ?

Have you ever asked the question…? what can I do to help? I have always wondered what can I do to help reduce my carbon footprint. So after some research and soul searching I decided there were many things I can do. Yes, the things we all know about helping by carefully sorting my waste into recyclable products and trash plus reducing it as much as possible by composting paper, food scraps and yard debris. I rearranged my plumbing for my home so all grey water is used for crops and the rest goes to the septic tank which leaches my entire back yard. I have fruit trees for shade and crops growing in a greenhouse plus a few garden beds of herbs and greens. I have reduced my waste by 25% and my groceries by 50% and water bill by 35%. I did a total remodel of my home to make it more efficient with adding insulation to all exterior walls and ceilings. Changed all light bulbs in my home to lower wattage and led. My electric bill went from $300 a month to $150 a month in the Arizona heat, all summer and my winter bills went from $150 to $75 a month. So the savings I get annually is around $1200 a year and for the last 6 years ,which has now paid for the $5000 I spent remodeling and will continue to save for many years to come. I also have reduced my carbon foot print by 50%. So to answer the old question of what can I do? There are many things we all can do and every little thing helps. Hopefully our planet will be around for many generations after we depart and maybe a little better than we found it. So think twice about what you are doing and what kind of foot print you are leaving.

My Footprint was 28807 lbs of CO2 per year, what is yours? Here is a way for you to find out by clicking on this link :http://carbonfootprint.c2es.org/. This is a very simple test of your usage compared to the rest of your zip code. You just need to answer a few questions about your home, what kind of heat you use, do you have air conditioning, do you have a car and the usage of it, do you use public transportation . Then after you take the test you will get your foot print. After you see your results you can then pledge to make some simple changes about your lifestyle and watch your foot print reduce. You do not need to make all the changes to your home as I have but I do feel much better about myself because of the changes. I also did reduce my foot print to under 15000 lbs of CO2 per year.