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C++ is a programming language that is developed based on popular systems programming language C. It has object-oriented programming support, and features some advanced language constructs that are not necessarily related to OO, such as generics.

Since C++ has C at its core, it is still a systems programming language. But how an object-oriented systems programming language is meaningful? The highest priority for systems programming is efficiency. Although being a hardware-oriented language, C++ completely ignores efficiency.

C programmers want to have total control over hardware. Any C language construct should be easily translated to assembly by hand. A language construct…

When we enter 2017, the application programming language to be used by professionals is still debatable. On the one hand there are some cryptic languages to achieve high performance, and on the other hand we have some byte-code generating languages that promise productivity.

It looks like programmer’s life is hard, and complicated. Even in this day and age, software development efforts will need to deal with trade-offs like buggy applications, unmaintainable applications, inefficiency. While there are many software development tools available, none of them offer convenience. …


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