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In this post let’s see different ways of resetting a file to a particular revision.

Using checkout

git checkout <commit_hash_id> -- <file_path> Example 
git checkout cc1d4a7 --

I think the above command is very self-explanatory.

You are reverting a file to a particular commit. In other words, git will take the mentioned file and apply the mentioned commit changes to it.

You can mention multiple files to revert too.

git checkout cc1d4a7 --

Using restore

git restore --source <commit_hash_id> <file_path> Example
git restore --source cc1d4a7

We have seen restore in our previous edition. …

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Github CLI is one of the useful tools you can start using right away if you are a very active Github user.

You can visit the repo here.

This is still in beta but you can still use it. It brings PRs, issues, and other useful features of Github to the command line.

I will cover some commands that I find very useful. And you can also play around with the tool.

Listing Pull requests

You can list all the PRs of the repo.

There are options for filtering PRs with the assignee, base branch, labels.


gh pr list --label "WIP, help" // List PRs with the provided…

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Forgit — Lightweight CLI tool

Forgit is a lightweight CLI tool that helps you to use Git interactively. This tool is a very useful tool that helps you to work effectively.


This tool uses fzf. So don't forget to download it.

To install fzf, follow these instructions for your respective platforms.

To install Forgit,


Some of the useful commands in Forgit

git add

The default command is ga

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In the above image, you can see the interactive screen.

You can use arrow keys to navigate up and down.

git log

The default command is glo

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As the tool uses fzf, you can fuzzy search the logs.

git stash

The default command is…


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