Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

I am a woman. And, I voted for Trump. I voted for him because I felt he was the best choice. I did not trust Hillary with foreign or domestic policies.

I have nothing to apologize for. I did nothing wrong. YOU are the one in the wrong for using emotional blackmail on your friends. Seriously, if they fail to atone in the manner you demand, you will…walk away?

And for what? Trump is not a sexist, I have checked. He is the first male CEO of a Fortune 500 Company to hire a female CEO for a subsidiary. He gave a woman the first job to design a skyscraper. Thats not the act of a misogynist, is it. He never said he would tear apart families, in fact, he is quoted in The Advocate, a gay magazine, as being respectful of gay rights.

Trump did not hire a “white supremacist”. Bannon has nothing against Jews; he is a strong supporter of Israel and of Jews. Liberal articles claiming Bannon is antisemitic are taking things well out of context.

The “groping” comments. Trump said women LET him, so they CONSENTED to it. And, if Trump groped a few women against their will, in the context of Presidency, I dont care and it does not matter. I know this because I have been sexually assaulted, and so I know how to prioritize. More relevant matters exist than where Trumps hands have strayed…as I mentioned, foreign and domestic policies matter far more. And I trust Trump to deal with the mess in the mid east…I do not trust Hillary who took money from nations where women and gays are REALLY mistreated. But I guess that does not trouble you, that she knew Saudi Arabia was clandestinely funding ISIS yet accepted donations to her Foundation? It bothered me. It troubled me that Hillary touted Libya as one of her policy successes…we know the nation is in a cesspit of ruin.

Trump won because of this. Trump won as well because the nation was collectively sick over liberal political correctness…and finally had had enough.

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