Life with out Life

We mostly heard we are so much happy busy with our life,so we don’t have time for family & our regular thing or favourite .so once I did ask to a friend about his life,he told me that this is time to make success & money. Again I ask him how is his wife & children,also parents..the answer was funny..wife is busy too with work, children is busy with I was surprised,he watched my face expression,ask me why you so surprised.I answered him wow your family is really changed to non living Robots,he was shocked..ask me why I say so.I reply him show me or prove me you are living the life…im sure you can’t.. quite simple..we see our society today people are running to live the life..but get forget what they really want is back to their real life.. people are become a good “yes man” to their boses.But to their own life every time “no man”.. hope you all understand my point.Love the life, tomorrow we can’t see,so when you can please be a real human ,try once you will feel it.god bless you all.

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