Do Antioxidants Improve Male Infertility?

Men having antioxidant supplements to develop their fertility is a tendency that is increasing in close proportion to both the rising prevalence of sub fertility in couples trying to conceive, as well as the ever-increasing consciousness that malefactors can be a major problem during this potentially taxing phase in a couple’s relationship. It is recognised now that malefactors are the only cause of infertility in 30% of couples who have trouble conceiving, with another 20% attributable to both male and female infertility factors. We have the Best Infertility Specialist in Hyderabad.

The hypothesis behind antioxidants

Through its entire life-cycle, sperm is exposed to a biochemical soup that has free-radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) in scientific terminology. While ROS take part in an important role in the healthy functioning of sperm, when their concentration gets too high, oxidative stress comes to pass which can cause troubles to their capacity to swim appropriately (poor sperm motility), as well as damage their critical DNA cargo.

While the body obviously tries to preserve the correct concentration of ROS through the creation of antioxidants, if an unevenness has occurred, oral supplements can help get things back on track. We have the best Test Tube Baby Center in Hyderabad.

What the science declare about antioxidants

It’s more or less not possible to find good quality information on antioxidants, with scientific studies frequently being quoted if and where they sustain the commercial benefits of those that quote them. Here is what the science really says about antioxidants: The likelihood of a couple having a live birth where the male is sub-fertile amplifies from 5%, where no antioxidant supplements are taken, to between 10–31% after treatment with oral antioxidants.

While it’s great news that antioxidants work, they’re only an effective solution for some men, with as few as 5%-16% of couples that give them a try getting a baby for their efforts. However, it is probable that many more men will experience some enhancements to their sperm quality which will surely help add to success when used in combination with other fertility treatments.

Which antioxidants are needed to be taken?

While the list of nutrients with scientific proof supporting their potential effectiveness is long and growing daily, the well-proven antioxidants that improve sperm quality are:

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin E

• Zinc

• Selenium and,

• Coenzyme Q10

Get your sperm to be tested

If you’re concerned about trying antioxidants to see if they assist with your baby-making efforts, one of the finest ways you can tell if they’re effective for you or not is to get your sperm tested both beforehand, and after three months or more of treatment. If you see a development in that time, you know they’re correct for you. Ironically, however, if you’re lucky enough to get pregnant before getting your second test done, then you’ll happily never know.