Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad

The charge of cancer in women under the age of forty-five years is 4%. Additionally, 15% of all breast cancer instances appear to occur in this age institution. Cervical cancer is another commonplace malignancy. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and radical surgical operation have expanded the survival price in this organisation to eighty one%. However these remedies are proven to either sluggish down the oocyte or sperm production or harm the reproductive organs main to infertility in the patient.

Women now have a desire to opt for fertility protection earlier than undergoing these treatments. This approach preserves the proper tissue and acts as a option to the infertility issues springing up from those remedies.

Fertility Preservation is usually recommended for women in the following instances:

• Prior to chemo-radiation treatments for most cancers, leukaemia’s, lymphomas, and so forth.;

• Prior to different clinical remedies for hepatitis, autoimmune illnesses, lupus and many others,

• Prior to surgical removal of ovaries or massive parts of ovaries.

• Physiological (ovarian) ageing;

• Premature ovarian ageing (POA);

• Individuals exposed to risks together with radiations, lead, insecticides, fertilizers, warmness from furnaces

Fertility Preservation and Men:

Semen cryopreservation is the oldest and the maximum a hit alternative for fertility maintenance in male cancer survivors, wherein the sperms are frozen before beginning most cancers remedies like chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Another modality is the cryopreservation of testicular tissue, wherein the tissue from testis is frozen. This tissue can later be thawed and sperm extracted for usage with eggs to create embryos. Timely session and initiation of the technique is the important thing to maintain the fertility of cancer patients.

Fertility Preservation is suggested for men inside the following cases

• Prior to chemo-/radiation healing procedures for most cancers, leukemias, lymphomas, and so forth.;

• Prior to different clinical treatments for hepatitis, autoimmune illnesses, arthritis and so forth,

• Prior to surgical removal of testicles or huge components of testicles

• Individuals exposed to hazards such as radiations, lead, pesticides, fertilizers, heat from furnaces

Fertility Preservation Options:

Advancements in cryobiology have helped evolve the idea of fertility preservation. Oocytes, sperms, embryos and testicular tissue may be cryopreserved and might later be used for conception. At Sree IVF Fertility Treatment we use a novel technique referred to as VITRIFICATION to cryopreserve diverse reproductive tissues. Vitrification is established to be an effective, simple, cheaper, speedy process main to better survival and developmental costs than the ones attainable with opportunity methods.

Oocyte Vitrification :

Egg freezing via VITRIFICATION is a safety internet available at Sree IVF wherein her eggs are frozen and used at a later level while she comes to a decision to get pregnant evidently the usage of her own genetic fabric. This system is not but to be had in maximum centres in India.

Embryo Preservation:

This is the maximum green approach that gives the couple an possibility to have a own family. In this approach women’s eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the husband and then frozen, so that the embryos can be used whilst the couple is prepared to have a baby.

Ovarian Transplantation:

Ovarian transplantation is a technique in which a small piece of ovarian tissue is cryo-preserved. Later the tissue is thawed and re transplanted, while being pregnant is desired. This is still a new technique and additionally no longer very a success as of date. However, with rising technology this approach is positive to carry excellent effects in the future.

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