Should Managers start coding in Covid-19?

The world has changed to virtual from January this year and I believe for good! Thousands of middle level managers like me must be wondering what I did I do wrong to lose a Job in just 2 months in lockdown?

The right question to ask is: Why did I not learn/relearn my coding skills? You were one before and then caught up in the web of managing from people to systems to life, except your own coding skills.

Now what if never coded before?

Well, there is good news for you too! Now, it is the right time to START.

Now the good part — HOW and WHERE to start?

Before that, ask yourselves this question — WHAT you want to become now?

Your answers may range from Full Stack Engineer, DevOPs, Data Engineer, Machine Learning/AI Engineer etc

If you are in the business of software engineering and if you are reading this, pat yourself ! You have taken the first step towards eternity.

You might have already realized by now, whatever path you now chose to go from the above list, there are certain skills/learnings which are common among them. Isn’t it double sweet? This means you get started with polishing some of the basic skills and it then will lead you to to the best fit role based on your new skills and your existing skillset.

Now let us explore some of the first steps in learning you would do .

Coding- not a dreaded word anymore, huh? You hear a lot of code-less software these days, which is music to ears as that translates to less time spent on actual writing code, but more on learning the tool and configuration and less code. In fact, one of the webinar I attended last week was named “Low Code Love” from Salesforce.

In fact , Gartner report suggests that “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity

Okay, with me so far? Lets get started :