Should Managers start coding in Covid-19?

The world has changed to virtual from January this year and I believe for good! Thousands of middle level managers like me must be wondering what I did I do wrong to lose a Job in just 2 months in lockdown?

The right question to ask is: Why did I not learn/relearn my coding skills? You were one before and then caught up in the web of managing from people to systems to life, except your own coding skills.

Now what if never coded before?

Well, there is good news for you too! …

wow..had a great birthday 39 yesterday at home with Nia, Tej, my love and in law parents.Good time

We went to Balaji Temple and had a good family time

When I turn 39, what are things I should look forward to…there are precious times coming and life is just getting better each day

Tej is now 5 weeks old and he is becoming stronger and more handsome day by day :)

Nia is keeping all of engaged and she is growing into a fine young lady girl :)

My Love Kannan is beautiful every day and brings the wow in…

New Week of July

a new week awakens up on a Monday morning. My love and baby are still sleeping..the peace on their face lits up the emotions and calmness in me..what a great way to start your day by seeing the peaceful sleeping face.

The mood is set and time have come to put into action.The daily chores has begun but so begun a new way of life to live.

The targets are established, the passion to perform should prompt action.

Another personal good happening is the concrete of 1st floor roofing in our home at Mysore. Hope all goes well and the dream home lits up for better life.

to be happy and contempt with what you have is the greatest quality of all.

May the life shines as ever ! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Career Ambitions

The thought is back to excel and get ready for the new wave and ensure you dont lag behind when the technology industry surge ahead.

Keep a close watch on developments around you and be there before it catches you.

  1. PMP — this is definitely needs to be done in next 2 months. Make a plan and start today.
  2. Cloud, Analytics, Big data- this is where you need to position yourselves by end of year. So go ahead and explore this new world and take position.

Yesterday , there was a Celebrating Cognizant programme in Manyata Tech Park office.

I went to office to checkout the new Manager cubicle alloted to be. It seems good with a chair and 2 guest chairs. It will surely make feel good for Managers. The desktop and phone are yet to be installed though.

To make use of the time, had a walk around the building and found the excellent amenities offered in the MNC office. There is a doctor space, 5 hug training rooms and other facilities you would normally not expect at an MNC office building.

Felt good…

Baby Talks!

Was wondering a topic to write today morning and when the mind was going through this thought, gonna be moma called to talk to upcoming baby.

Had a good talk fun talk with our gonna b soon baby who is entering his/her 20th week this friday. Our baby is a fighter the last 5 months was nothing short of a roller coaster ride for both us. Baby went through initial scares and other challenges but fought like a warrior all through the hardships and now is in the best shape yet- growing fully into a healthy baby due in Dec 12. We cant wait for the precious moment of our life…this would be most memorable moment ever in our life yet.

Ideas to start

  1. Wine : Older the Sweeter!

Stock variety of products but only limited number, say 10.

Price goes down each day but stock not restored. If you get to buy the last day, you get cheapest. But only if stock lasts.

eg: Rs.1000 shirt on day 1 is Rs 950. But on day 10 , you may get it for Rs.100 ( if stock lasts).

Business model? Find items which lose its sheen when it gets older but still in demand for people.

Auto spare parts for auto wallahs.

Model is not to enhance the stock but by having enhance no of showrooms to be in accessible for more people around the city.

Think about it !


  1. Millionaire’s son wanted to start from scratch. So he start poor, fake his identity and start enterpreneurship. His journey and how it unfolds through rejections, hardship, and success later — even overtaking his father’s empire is the crux of the story. Pranav.

Today’s Bangalore Mirror had an achievement story at the last page- the story of a chai wallah to Lambhorghini owner!

He runs a real estate business and now owns 5 BMWs, 4 Audis and other cars. Is this the motivation I need to succeeed in Life?

May be not, why?

The goal of life differs for everyone, I should rather say ‘evolve’ for everyone.

My goals would have been different when I started out at 24 years old, but now at 34, I rather have a different take on life, different take on what success means to me and to…

There are times in life when you feel rock solid the need to start afresh.

This feeling do live for a while before fading down ..the task of human is to nurture his intentions and get the most out of it during the on and off period.

This weekend was on of those times.

It asked me to restart — to complete the pending and to start afresh the new plans which needs to be completed before the year end.

What is happening in your life these days- what are you currently on these days. …

Sreejith Kool

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