Vacation Diaries Part 1.1

Taking a quick break before jumping into something new later this month. Hong Kong, Phuket and Singapore over the next few days- a mix of city explorations, doing nothing by the beach and catching up with close friends in these cities. Jotting down thoughts while doing nothing.. Naturally :)

Landed in Hong Kong today after a very bumpy and uncomfortable flight. Was blown away by Sahar airport though- barring a long queue at immigration the airport exceeded my expectations on every count from retail options, dining, lounge experience even if the decor was a little over the top for my liking. Miles above any other airport in this country. The shabby Sahar of old seems like it existed in a different century. I remember a time in the mid 2000s when there was a spree of airport renovations, I hope Sahar prompts some more renovations over the next few years.

From Sahar to HKIA where the food in the airport is legitimately palatable – oh hey! dimsums at Crystal Jade and A1 Bakery. Hong Kong is my travel discovery of 2015. One of my best friends moved here a few years ago and I stopped by to spend some time with her on my transit flights from SF a couple of times this year. I love the energy of the city and the way it’s retained its legacy of Chinese, British and other immigrant cultures. Reminds me so much of Bombay.

Anyway, parked here for the next two days. I’d love to hear any HK must see/ must dos.

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