Don’t think “Outside the Box”

“Think outside the box” is an awfully over-clichéd phrase. The reason behind this is the social acclamation for creativity. Since productivity and innovation come as a result of being creative, it is looked upon as a valuable attribute in work environments. But in truth, is creativity being practised to great effect and willingness?

We have a singular obsession on knowledge. This has influenced a compulsion to be familiar with an environ before venturing into it. But creativity can sometimes be ambiguous and therefore undesirable for those who seek clarity in approach. Our need to be matured has kept away that child within us. We mask our true nature by forcing a ‘serious’ exterior. But embracing that child we once were is essential to come up with silly or funny ideas that can give surprisingly successful results.

The conventional education system is also a primary reason that curbs creativity. The reason is because logical and analytical thinking is emphasised while creative thinking is side-tracked. Also, it hardwires a belief that only one solution is available for a problem and the approach to arriving at that is singular. Well, an ease of mind and change in mental perspective has to be brought to problem-solving methods. This will lead to innovation even in everyday issues.

Organisations have to be steadfast about implying creativity, not only in words and speeches but also in effect as actions. Being encouraging and providing necessary support and resources is essential for employees to take that extra step to stay creative. Group diversity and work-life balance are other factors which definitely contribute to this cause. On top, it is essential to eliminate role-mismatch which will counter-effect the emphasis laid on creativity.

Creativity depicts individualism, lauding the person’s signature and identity in their work. It is the true way to achieve both personal and organisation’s goals. So, choose to embrace and nurture it.

Don’t force your vision outside the box. Instead, fashion an imagination that never keeps you inside a box.

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