Sunday Baking: Vanilla Sponge Cake

Recipe from: Gayathri’s blog.

This is a vegan recipe that uses Aquafaba.

Sifted Maida, Baking powder and Baking Soda.

Aquafaba/Chickpea brine: Prepared a day prior, and reduced. Used as egg replacement. Might need to reduce more, by 50%.

Whipped along with vinegar, then sugar and vanilla essence. Did not come out as stiff initially as visualized in Gayathri’s blog.

Stiff Peaks! Didn’t fall away. I need a good camera to do justice to my relief when this happened.

Filled 2x6" Pans. Should try and halve the recipe next time. Preheated oven 180C, 25 mins.

No toothpick, but fork did the trick. Came out clean at 25 mins.

Base also looks good. Tasted a bit sugary at first, needs a bit of tang. Initially thought won’t be able to consume the whole lot, but seemed to vanish nevertheless.

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