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Taken from is a cloud platform, or as the developers @ Deta say, “a cloud computer”. What makes Deta stand out from other cloud platforms is that it is built with developer and user experience as the first priority.

In this article, we are gonna look at how we can get up to speed with using Base, the NoSQL database from Deta with literally zero hassle to set up.

Signing In

Upon signing in to Deta, you’ll be prompted to create an account if you haven’t already, by giving your username, email and password.

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Once logged in, you’ll be welcomed by a sweet looking dashboard

In the dashboard, you can see which project you are currently in. …

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Learning Stations, Code Club and much more!

IEDC Summit is a yearly event where the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cells (IEDCs) from colleges all over Kerala come together for a day to learn and grow. The events range from startup expos to workshops to power talks. This year, IEDC Summit witnessed something no other event has seen before — A novel way of learning and teaching, where over 750 students participated and learned something new in just 6 hours. The TinkerHub Learning Stations!

The story I have to tell starts last week, with a call from Ashfaque, TinkerHub’s Chief Operations Officer. All I knew was that TinkerHub was setting up a stall at the summit. …

The week of learning| TWTW #3

July 8, Monday

Slept late into the morning after coming back from the hackathon yesterday evening. Made a video about using Google Colab, during the afternoon

July 9, Tuesday

Started off the day by just skimming through the internet reading articles. In the afternoon I watched the 3blue1brown playlist on neural networks all over again but this time took notes.

I went on to implementing a simple 2 layered deep neural network in Keras in the evening.

July 10, Wednesday

Spent almost the entire day trying to set up and later fixing Anaconda and Jupyter notebook in my laptop. Couldn’t get anything else done, but spent some time watching tutorials. Had wrote some code for a CNN for the cats and dogs dataset(by watching tutorials by sentdex), but it was late by the time I had set up all the libraries in my machine so I couldn’t stay up to run the code. …


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