Duklr: Short news on web

Websites with lengthy articles are not easy to be read on these busy days. And it pushes content to its web, consisting of news updates that are short summary. If you spend couples of time in the day with duklr will gives you a summary of what is going on in the world. Duklr target is those people who are the light news readers, who would not want to spend more than a few minutes and get updated. Personalization helps to find articles of users interest. There’s no system to feed a reader with just what they want to read and nothing else.

Duklr ensure each article not be more lengthy keywords. Original link is available on page, if any article excites you and want to read more in detail. A common person does not have to spend too much time reading and customizing the information all around them. Editors read news from all the credible sources, handpick the all stories, and summarize them so that users can get themselves updated within seconds. News categorization will help the most appropriate short news articles for a particular user which will help us scale in terms of the various kinds of user preferences.

According to Nelson Norman Group research, “People rarely read Web pages word by word; instead, they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences. A short news will attract more users than a lengthy news these days.

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