Here’s What’s Happening To Customer Experience In The Post COVID Era…

Customer experience & customer engagement is always changing, and it’s changed over the ages. From the good old days of traditional phone support, things moved to live chatbots & social media.

For many companies in certain industries, chatbots & social media were the norm for customer support for a few years now…but with the advent of COVID-19, things are going to change even more & it’s going to affect many more industries.

I recently attended a webinar from S&P Global Market Intelligence where the topic was Digital Transformation of Customer Experience for B2B and B2C companies.

It spoke about the rapid changes in the Customer’s journey & Customer’s digital engagement with companies.

For example…

Many people that weren’t used to ordering from Amazon, Flipkart or other eCommerce platforms will have embraced ordering online.

Similarly, people that never made video calls are now pros at using Zoom to make calls. This has resulted in a tremendous evolution.

There were many points discussed in the webinar, but some of the most useful observations that I could note are…

1) Speed of responsiveness is key

COVID-19 has made Digital Engagement the NEW normal for almost everyone…

Our ability to respond to customer requests, BIG or SMALL – and how soon we respond to them, plays a VITAL role in the Trust Building journey.

Customers are not going to care whether you’re a company with a staff of 100 employees or just 2 employees…Their expectations are going to be the same.

So whether you’re a startup, a BIG company – you really want to invest your resources into improving your responsiveness.

2) Adopt an Agile Approach Towards Product Development

With COVID-19, lots of things have changed for people globally. Teams don’t work in the same environment anymore. Therefore, product development is also unlikely to be the same.

So my insight from the webinar was that we need to move towards adopting an Agile Approach. The classic Waterfall approach to product development may not be ideal going forward.




Product Consultant at Zoho Corporation

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Srivatsan M

Srivatsan M

Product Consultant at Zoho Corporation

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