Time in lieu

Crack goes another, for this, my bottomless glass. “You know you need it, it’s good for you” — Daft punk is pumping, and geez they lift the tempo quickly. Legends! The neighbours must be asking “who’s given the bear gas?” and “how the f**k has it worked out Tinder?” Seriously though, it’s my last night in the thrift store, and I’m ready to jump out of this bargain bin. Daft has got me all fired up, I want cut loose now, but I will need to find an establishment capable. I may as well do it right, and go to my favourite groove, let’s google that sh*t! (I stop for a second and question who I’m talking to )— It’s time to bless Paris with my wicked sick dance moves.

My morning walk is so nice here, a slight change to Leo’s and the Telstra phone booth.

On a more serious note, a confronting realisation. As I look across the way, and wave during smoko, it dawned on me suddenly, that they’ve most probably seen my party wand, swanning around the hedges, in its morning undie wrestle — the apartment has no blinds! Not being a creep, or am I? heh-heh. It could be Marc’s own twist on life norms, or his french “F**k you, F**k off” to the neighbours. Might need the third on this — fellas?

I’ve had a ball today, dusting off the “digital” albums (how would one actually do this?) I now have a list of black Frisbee purchases, and have started bidding on eBay — Which reminds me! few people know what they should look for in a turntable these days, or what quality their dollar will afford. Sam is your man! Mind helping us out bud, top 3? — please and thank you! I’m well aware that I’ve used 288 words up to this point|and have said very little, I digress.

You know the chick of the mummy, the hot brunette, this ones a dead ringer. Nice cakes as well..

I met with my new coach today, digitally that is, Russ streams all the way from New York City! We meet weekly, he is helping me by managing me! I committed to achieving my year of abundance. Russ allows me more time to focus on my new gig, but keeps an eye on my balance and sets tasks for my personal priorities — weekly. I know that I’m a born hunter, and will chase anything down, tear its neck apart, then off to chase the next. Someone needs to help make sure that the kill is well managed, and that I get to eat. — that’s not me, that’s Russ. I found out today he was once a TV anchor (anchorman popped into your head didn’t it?) — I like this!

Schnitz bowl — or shit bowl for short.

Apart from the above, I didn’t do much though honestly. I had a knock off beer with Brendan at around 9–9.30am, couple of coffees and invented schnitz bowl. Schnitzel, peas, parmesan and home made chips — delicious! I spent a lot of today, listening to music, deep in thought, reflecting and pondering. It was really nice actually!

No black here, I rock red couches, chimps and note books. Horrible handwriting while walking.

I’ll sign off here, but give you the option to read the below, the raw concepts, ideas and reflections I had today. All notes taken in my little red book - on my morning walk. I thought this might be an interesting addition as I normally just drop these. I write to myself in this process, so bare in mind, I’m my own audience — be kind. Peace.

> Is your digital self aligned with your real self?

Similar to characters in a book, or the writer behind the words. You create an image of yourself online, and therefore in the mind of the people reading the words, your profiles or feeds. You’re always disappointed, if you discover it doesn’t match, so be as real as you can, true, raw, but appropriate. Continue to use a conversational tone, as you would engage an audience in person.

> Does writing help and and are you any good?

Writing helps you remember the moments, and with so much going on all the time, you often forget to remember how hilarious your life really is, and how vibrant you can be. It’s not about being good, it’s about saying what you need to and getting to where you want to go — If you feel you’ve achieved this then you’ve done your job well. You’re hitting the mark if you’re up at over 500 a day. Keep it up, this momentum is great, and feels very rewarding.

> Could you replace the word Asshole with Asshat for a year?

Absolutely! you should try, start using this immediately and observe the positive or negative response of your peers. If positive promote and see how many people you can get to start using Asshat.

> Could you get away with cheap shoes, if you purchased them in Paris?

Absolutely not, remember the wise words of the senior Ward! - Paul “A mans shoes tell a lot about him, don’t iron your suits and keep your pants tailored, they look sh*t otherwise”. You’d just be cheating yourself here mate, you need to feel good, this is an important part of that. Just get the ones you saw earlier, you know they were amazing and be done with it.

> Don’t get too distracted, and make sure you stay close with your mates.

You don't want to lose the connection, and you know that can happen easily as with your past relationships. Speak to Russ, but what would Nick do? Check in each day, or second — Make sure you never cancel a meeting twice. Lunches each quarter, and make sure you keep business in the family. Just make sure you do that as a start.

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