Relationship, and how to work things out.

Hold it, like it’s gonna be the last time.

You maybe in a relationship now, or maybe not, but I think everyone should know how to work things up in a relationship. Well, let me just share what my opinions about how relationship is working or not, and to finally help you say that it’s time to move on. Disclaimer; I’m not here to justify my points or anything, it’s just how I see it, and hopefully it’ll help you to see your relationship through.

I was in many relationships before. Used to think that each one of it was supposedly working out the way I wanted it. When it wasn’t, I would try to control it, then it failed miserably. I’m not gonna justify myself, I did lot of bad things and I’m not perfect myself, so I did more harm than good in my previous relationships. I’m not proud of it, and I humbly apologize to the people that were involved with me, and maybe hold grudge on me.

For me, compromise is one of the fundamental thing when it comes to work on the relationship. Your partner won’t be the way you want them to be, but don’t forget, you may not too. It is how you embrace every inches of your partner, and compromising each other when you want some things to work out for both of you. You both are human, and none of you are perfect, so don’t push someone to be the way you want them to be.

I also believe, that no matter what the commitment that you have between you both, you still need to be faithful to each other. Often times, because you don’t think the relationship will last, you decide to play with fire and have flings. I mean, how do you expect a relationship will work out if you are unfaithful to each other from the very start? If you’re being unfaithful to your partner, and don’t think that’s a problem, then don’t expect it’ll work out. Instead, you’ll just end up hurting each other. It will eventually bite you in the ass, if not now, then later. Karma is a bitch, and she’ll come back at you ten times harder than you think she’ll be.

In my opinion, if you still have a soft spot in your heart for someone else to fill it, then there’s a hole in your relationship. If you keep the relationship without facing how to fix that hole, your relationship will never work out. Those people that come and go to fill that hole in your heart, are just temporary fix. If you think that the relationship is worth the efforts, then work things out with each other. If not, go and move on. Your time worth more than just a fling and hurtful relationships.

Often times, the problem doesn’t occur from the outside, but from the inside. You and your partner’s insecurities mostly will be the cause of the problems that happened in your relationship. In my case, I used to be in a bad relationship, where I didn’t know if my partner loves me or not. It caused a couple of problems, where I couldn’t understand if my current partner love me or if it’s just a mere infatuation that’ll end eventually. If you face it too, my suggestion will be to communicate it, but again, these kind of insecurities won’t go immediately. What can help you is just to see and judge how sincere your partner is with their actions. Yes, you need to gamble about it, and it’s your choice to be all in with it or not. Trust me, actions do speak louder than words.

In the end, what you need to understand is, there are two people in every relationship. It’s not just about you, or your partner, but both of you. Relationship should work out, when both of the parties want it to working out. If only one of you try to work things out, that will never happen and most of the time will end badly. Being hot headed and stubborn won’t get you anywhere near a good relationship. Instead, try to listen and to communicate well with your partner about anything that you find troubling you. If it’s not helping anymore, then just leave and move on. Lastly, good luck!

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