The Secret Behind Our Happiness…

“Let’s ditch all those 9-to-5 job dealings and enjoy life”

It has been almost 8 years of togetherness and among our friends’ circle or office colleagues, everyone feels that we are probably the most blessed couple, the “ideal” couple and so much of beautiful adjectives to add to it…portraying the perfect “relationship goals” for the budding couples.

You might call me old-fashioned, but I never boasted about our relation, never spoke about how we managed to feed the pet which we recently received as a gift from a friend (even though I have a strong desire to give it up someday!), never discussed about the mandatory grocery pick-up problems and never ever (trust me on this!) revealed about snoring issues. We were more like a private easy-going and understanding couple…yes, we visited our respective parent’s and relatives’ place once or twice a year but with a forced and pretentious smile on our face. We never liked each other’s families and there was nothing to altercate about it…we had an unspoken understanding between us, which was reciprocated well.

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“How do you guys manage to stay so happy…so together?” the guy from the bar, who was directly hitting on my girl throughout the party, asked me, with a beer in hand and a sleazy smile on his face.

“You see…Shane right…Shane, it’s not that we are happy every single day, even we have our share of fights, and mind you, I can give you instances when we had ugly fights, man…fights that have almost led to breakups, where we swore on each other…swore to never forgive and forget, swore to take revenge…yes, we have been there buddy,” I gave him a casual smile, while puffing out the smoke from my fourth cigar, “…being in a relation, you have to know that there will be times, when you won’t agree with each other, you will argue like anything…trying to prove your point, you will lose your cool and at times, shout at each other. But that’s a part and parcel of being in a relationship…you really can’t expect it to be going smooth. I mean, real life love stories are way shittier than those Friday rom-coms on tv, trust me!”

“So, what do you do? Just hold your grudge till you have cooled off your mind,”

“Oh no…holding onto grudges are so yesterday…it’s what kids do, the ones who are having a great time in their romantic bubble. Couples like us, who have been together since forever…we are so dependent on each other, for emotions, for feelings, for attention and definitely for love. You won’t see me texting some random chick after I’ve fought with her, nor is she texting some random guy…we are simply too busy with ourselves…we can’t afford to continue with a fight when all we need is some ‘love’…and truth to be told, when you are really in love with your partner, you really can’t be that mad. Just look at her, I’m terribly lucky to have such an amazing person with me, who is so understanding, motivating, helpful and so positive…that naïve smile of hers…my life is incomplete without her. When you truly love someone, everything takes a back seat and all that you have in your mind is being selflessness and trust me, nothing can beat that. Never!”

Emerging from the veil of the smoke, I stubbed my cigar (she always despised this habit of mine!) and walked towards her. “May I have the dance?” her twinkling eyes and blushing smile was enough to make me fall in love with her again after 8 years…