The day my life changed

An ordinary girl as I am,I was never satisfied.The more I want,the lesser I try.Wasted time crying over things I don’t have ,counting on the numerous problems I had like obesity,shyness…etc and praying for more blessings.My life was really so lifeless.

I worked for me,prayed for me,dreamt about my future,….did everything just for me.And what makes me any different from others?Aren’t you all selfish when it comes to your life?..Maybe or maybe not..More or less that is how most of us live.

Here is a 19 year old boy who taught me how to live!His name is Stephen Sutton.He had terminal cancer and was sure to die any time.Can you guess what he did during this very short period left for him to live??He did not cry over the deadly disease he had, he didn’t pray for some miracle, neither did he blame anyone. But..He did dream..He dreamt of a bright future for all others who took life for granted.He taught about the value of time and life to as many people as possible through speeches and interviews.Through many such activities,he raised huge funds to support other teenage cancer patients.Here is a link to one of his speeches that touched me so much(I accidentally clicked on this link on facebook!)-

Life left Stephen.But he still lives in the hearts of many.And how did he change me?I am now happy for what I am.I am fat.I am shy.That is who I am.Even if I want to change, the only thing I need is to make proper use of the 86,400 seconds God has granted me per day.I don’t need any other blessing!

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