Getting to Know Igor and Russ Krivor

DLC Residential, a fully-integrated multi-family project development company, has projects across the United States. However, they weren’t always a national company. Igor and Russ Krivor began their business in 2004 when they noticed the Miami real estate sector offered abundant opportunities. They’ve used their keen eye for potential to grow to the national company they are today.

Current success can be credited to lessons learned during the more difficult times for the 14-year-old company. The largest adversity coming for DLC Residential during the financial collapse on Wall Street in 2008. Banks were afraid to do loans with even the most reputable businesses, but the company persevered thanks to the hard work and drive of the Krivor brothers. During this difficult time, Russ and Igor focused on the three pillars of their business model: integrity, cost controls, and in-depth market research.

In recent years, DLC Residential has once again started to grow, but they focus on providing quality over quantity. They company is currently working out of the emerging areas of Florida, Illinois, Minneapolis, and Texas.

The main focus of Igor and Russ Krivor is to provide multifamily private equity deals that provide outstanding results. Russ and Igor believe that it’s not about expanding rapidly but rather providing a real return on investment for investors. Russ explains below:

“We are a small firm and will continue to be. Our goal isn’t to increase the number of projects we build — our goal is to maintain the quality of the assets we develop and to secure the best locations in the strongest markets across the United States. We want to be the best in each of our markets and carve out niche markets and opportunities. By keeping our corporate overhead low, we can remain responsive to the market and to our investors — continually focusing on providing the best returns possible.”

Those interested in investing opportunities should call 954–455–0336 or visit the DLC Residential contact us page!