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Then read this and comment to let me know if you’d like to read a draft of my novel, The Carswell Covenant:

A computer professional discovers a sentence in a mystery novel that mentions his deceased archaeologist grandfather. His curiosity leads to a vacation in Egypt and a casual search for an undiscovered tomb. Accompanied by his brother, Glenn, and Tina Gilbert, a beautiful young archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania, Steve Fisher sets off on a trip that follows in the footsteps of real-life Penn archaeologist Clarence Fisher (1876–1941) and leads to complications and dangers that no one could anticipate.

With a street map of a mythical city, drawn by their grandfather as a college project in 1896, in hand, Steve, Glenn, and Tina start on a 16-day journey to Cairo, the Pyramids, and the Valley of the Kings, with no expectation of any trouble.

But their decision to change their itinerary to include the ruins at El-Amarna sets off a series of events, involving Egyptian terrorists and the Mossad, that threaten their lives.

What did Clarence Fisher discover in the tomb of boy-King Tutankhamun? What secrets did he hide in his map and in a ring given to his wife? What did he find under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? What did another computer professional, at Carswell Bible College, find in a missing Dead Sea Scroll? Who was the pharaoh of the Exodus? Have King Solomon’s treasures and the Ark of the Covenant been found? And why are two very opposite groups after this unsuspecting trio? Could these discoveries change religions and the world as we know it?

From Egypt and Jerusalem, in both Old Testament times and the 1920s and 1940s, through a small college in Georgia, through the streets of Cairo and a city that is a hotbed of terrorist activity, through the hills of the Valley of the Kings, and onto a luxury cruise boat riddled with danger, you’ll follow three curious, but ordinary people on their adventure of a lifetime.

Part fiction and part fact, historically detailed and action-packed, this first novel dares you to separate fact from fiction and to think of the possible consequences of its explosive secrets. And, like the Da Vinci Code, it may invite other authors to speculate what’s true and what’s fiction.

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