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The Nightly Show was better than @Midnight which has taken its gimmick way too seriously judging from the last couple times I’ve seen it but I understand why it had to go. It worked when we had John Stewart in charge of the Daily Show but now with Trevor Noah as his replacement the hour block is honestly too similar in tone. Even independents like me are a little put off by its far left liberal tone and I tend to agree with liberals more. Stephan Colbert was a far better contrast even though his show was also liberal biased.

I like Larry. He’d make a great Daily Show host. Just the way things are right now its way too similarly toned. Even when The Colbert Report would make fun of the same event as The Daily Show, the jokes and commentary worked off each other better. Now its like a half hour attacking news about conservatives and then further driving the points home the next half hour. The show has been become less light hearted and the discussions are becoming over drawn out with no funny defense at all for the opposing view points. Then after that we have a game show people are taking too seriously.

The block started well but now its pretty tiring to watch