About the 2015’s fax from Back To The Future


Today is Back To The Future Day. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it; it is just impossible not to know since every single person on the internet is talking about it, but how can we judge them? This is the single day that every BTTF fan has been waiting for the past thirty years, and it will never happen again.

But this article is not about that, but about one specific issue that is being talked a lot today: Where did the movie got it right/wrong about the future in 2015. Among all the evidently not achieved technological advancements (such as flying cars and home food hydrators) a lot of people is remarking the usage of fax as something totally wrong but, were the writers that wrong?

Yes, it is 2015 now and nobody uses fax anymore, but it is not about the technology or the device itself, if not about the presence of it and its influence in our lives. As they did not predict smartphones back in 1985, they just thought about them as small wired devices all around the house or office (even behind a closet door), but they were actually predicting that we were going to be connected and reachable everywhere, and I don’t need to tell you why this is so horribly true.

So there is a lot of predictions (if not most of them) made in science fictions books/movies which don’t come out to be as people predicted, but it’s essence is still there moving the investigator’s and inventor’s minds stright and forward. Maybe we don’t have fax machines all around the house or self-drying clothes but we do have smartphones and super hydrophobic fabric.

At the end, predicting the future is just about finding a need and being able to imagine a solution, just as in the developing of any product.

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