SRG is excited to announce partnership with 77agency

Three weeks before token sale, SRG has made a strategic move and signed an agreement with 77agency regarding the new marketing partnership and the advisory role. 77agency is a leading digital marketing company based in Milan and the team will bring in their expertise in Europe in terms of media consultancy, campaign support and e-commerce promotion in the world of online games. It is not very common that companies who are going to launch ICO reach official agreements with leading agencies, this shows how determined and confident SRG is towards the ICO launch.

77agency has helped top clients around the world including American Express, Estèe Lauder, JP Morgan and the Walt Disney Co. and they will not hesitate to keep the good work and help SRG to achieve its maximum capacity during ICO.

Mr Macro Corsaro (managing director from 77agency) signed the agreement with (founder and CEO from SRG). SRG is happy to share the important moment with all readers.

Our partnership agreement:

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