A Galaxy Not So Far Away

I am a movies only Star Wars fan. I only consider canon what happens in official Episodes. I think, and I could be wrong, that there are a large group of folks who feel that way. However, as more and more kids grow up on Rebels and The Clone Wars, I feel I’ll be in the minority there at some point. Putting so much emphasis on the movies creates a great deal of expectations, and I have been absolutely starving for this movie to come out for a long, long, time. From the minute they announced Disney was buying Lucasfilms and making three new Episodes, I have been trolling the galaxy for every bit of non spoiler information I could find. Why am I so starved? Well, being that the prequels told a story you knew the end to, we really haven’t broken any new ground since 1986.

That’s almost 30 years of waiting for a new story to tell, a new episode in the franchise. And 30 years ago we were left with a second blown up Death Star, a dead Emperor along with his henchman, and a Galaxy awaiting the dawn of a new era. Luke had become strong. He told Leia that she would in time learn the ways of the force, and she would too become strong. Han and Leia finally confessed their love for one another. And depending on which ending you like to watch in Jedi, the Galaxy was well aware the Death Star had been destroyed and from Coruscant to Naboo people were celebrating.

Which brings us too today. I try not to digest or read into trailers too much, and typically I go into a movie ‘not knowing’ anything. But, this one is a bit different. We’re entering uncharted territory in a galaxy far far away, and everyone is feeling sense of ownership of the story and are interested to see where its going.

So you probably could only guess how excited I was when I originally heard the original cast would come back to play their characters, 30 years older, for Episode VII. It brought legitimacy to the plan. It didn't’ seem as if Disney was just hijacking our story and taking it to a completely new place. It meant something. Even if Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammil might not look the part anymore, it still just felt right. “Chewy, We’re Home”.

Now that we’ve had two short length teasers and one full length trailer it’s obvious that we’re getting to the point where the waiting will be over. I’ve got my tickets. I’ve got assigned seats. No, I’m not watching it in 3D.

People ask what I think of what I’ve seen so far. Here is my take.

JJ, unlike Lucas, realizes that the success of the first three films have much less to do with the concept of blasters, light sabers, and the force. It has to do with characters, and stories about those characters developing. George was there once, telling the story of young Luke Skywalker leaving the ranch to become a great Star Pilot. The CGI, yes, JJ knows that you can’t develop characters in front of a green screen. And yes, JJ knows that the artisan that built the Star Wars universe did so with real art, not that created by a computer. I’m not breaking new ground here. If you want more on that, watch this video.

From what I’ve seen so far Finn and Rey will be the central characters to get this story rolling. Even though they seem to be on a trough of a planet, somehow they are going to meet up with good ol’ Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millenium Falcon on a dessert planet (cough, cough, Luke Skywalker). It looks as though Rey’s got the guns, and Finn’s got the force. That’s all good. Somehow they’re gonna get back in the mix, leave that dust storm of a planet, and go on an adventure that’s going to change their lives. I’d say that’s pretty much Star Wars 101: box checked, nice work. Good job good guys.

Where it get’s a little murky, and what we simply know nothing about, is what’s going on with the Dark Side. Not sure if Kylo Ren got the memo, but your boy Darth Vader betrayed the Empire and murdered Palpatine at the end of Return of the Jedi. He might be a little upset to hear about that. It would make more sense on the surface, if he was worshiping the Emperor. But hey, I get it, maybe the Ewoks failed to mention that when you went searching for the body and found Darth Vader’s melted helmet.

I’m sure they will have an answer for that. I can’t wait to find out Kylo Ren’s real motives. He’s obviously on his own mission, that’s why we have Captain Phasma and General Hux to lead the “Empire” (or shall I call it First Order) side of things. All I know is somehow in 124 minutes, we’re going to go from Finn (Stormtropper) to Finn (Somewhat freaked out looking Jedi) vs. Bad ass Jedi Kylo Renn in a saber battle. It took Luke two films to get there, so I fear for Finn’s future. Good luck bro.

Overall, I can’t wait for this unbelievably monstrous movie to come out. There are so many characters that haven’t even been touched in these previews. It seems like there will be a lot going on in this movie, and you might have to go see this one more than just once to digest everything. I can’t wait.

Epilogue: Luke Skywalker is not Kylo Ren. Anyone saying this is selling you something. Whoever is with R2D2 is Luke. But that doesn’t make sense because Luke has a real fake hand, not an Anakin fake hand. Argghhhghgh who is it!

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