One Woman’s Journey: A Joint Replacement Saga

September 21, 2016

Today, I got confirmation from my PT as to why every other joint in my body was inflamed on yesterday. I told you dear readers about the pain in my post yesterday. No pain in the operated hip . . . just everywhere else. After fixing a huge dinner, I ended up on medication and bedrest. I felt better after a couple of hours of stretching on our awful mattress. Today, I am so much better. The PT said that because I am working all of my other joints . . . knees, back, feet and left hip in the recovery of the full use of the right hip, it’s expected that I would experience some pain. That was a relief. I was beginning to think that I was have some kind of relapse.

No cooking tonight. But, I did put in about six hours of work for the office, which I was so happy to do. I can hardly wait to get back to work. I love working . . . too bad I can’t find a full-time job to love going to each day.

But that’s another story. One story at a time Sharon, one story at a time. PT was cool today. I am getting stronger and my stamina is increasing. Leg lifts still present a problem, but I managed to do about 20 of them today. It ain’t pretty, but I got her done.

I wrote a poem last week. I got inspired by a telephone conversation. I do not write poetry. I am not a poet. I sent the poem to the matriarch of our family. I hope she likes it. My other aunt sent me a pair of shoes that are probably the most comfortable shoes in the world. They are also the ugliest shoes in the world, however; when you’re tettering on a new hip, cute is no longer relevant. I sent Aunt Margaret a note of thanks!

I also sent Dr. Anthony Carter a note of thanks. According to my PT I am doing awesome and it’s mostly because of Dr. Carter’s skill, knowledge and expertise. The hip replacement procedure he used saved my muscles allowing me to have more mobility than I would have had with other procedures. Woohoo! Thanks, Dr. Carter and thanks to Dr. Winifred Bragg for referring me to the rock-star of orthopedic surgeons.

I am going to be okay, guys.