One Woman’s Journey: Hip Replacement Surgery — Outpatient PT Begins

I suspected it would be painful. I hoped it wouldn’t be too painful. I hoped for a short session so I could move on with the rest of my day. Physical therapy . . . the bain of any patient’s day. I know it’s necessary. I know it’s beneficial. I know it’s the next step in the recovery period. I know it can make the difference between a successful return to normal life or living a lifetime with a limp or other permanent hitch in my step.

When PT Sarah asked what my goals were, the first thing I said was I wanted to be able to do the funky four corners. “Is that a dance?” she asked. “Yep and it requires good fluid action in the hips,” I told her. She smiled. My other goals include walking like a natural woman without the aid of a walker, cane, walking stick or other device.

PT Sarah started the assessment testing my range of motion in my good hip and then the bionic hip. Moving my right leg inward and then outward was painful. But surprisingly, I had more strength in that leg that I thought. The range of motion is only about 25%, but that was unexpected too. The PT gave me a sheet of exercises . . . all much more difficult than the ones I did with in-home PT. PT Sarah’s assessment and tests were quite a workout.

Stay tuned guys. I’ll let you know how PT works. I’m scheduled for twice weekly through October. Time to get to work.