One Woman’s Journey: My Hip Replacement Saga

September 20, 2016

Whatever possessed me to think I was up to cooking dinner. One moment I was dancing to a Graham Central Station tune . . . The Jam and the next moment my body started to hurt all over. Because of the hip replacement surgery, I am using muscles I don’t use regularly. My arms hurt, my back hurts, my feet and ankles hurt — not to mention the pain in both knees. I’ll ask PT tomorrow or my doctor if this is normal. Perhaps I tried my dancing routine a little too soon. I feel I should be making better progress.

The menu: salisbury steak, meatloaf, tossed green salad, spinach with boiled eggs and onion, onion and green pepper gravy and steamed rice. Well, the verdict is out on the rice. Don’t know if I have the energy or strength to continue. I am exhausted and I have PT in the morning. I must remember to do my home exercises over the weekend. I hurt and I don’t want to hurt.

Dinner looks pretty good especially for a woman who had major surgery just about a month ago. Hope the hubby and son are hungry.

Hopefully PT will straighten me out tomorrow. Could I be moving backward in my recovery? I’ve only got two weeks left on my self-imposed, non-covered by employee health coverage, medical leave. Gotta be in tip top shape when I return to work October 3. Right at this moment, I know I am not quite ready.

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