One Woman’s Journey: The Hip Replacement Saga

September 22, 2016

It’s been one month since my total hip replacement operation. One month! Four weeks! I’m fudging on the date a little, since it’s actually after midnight as I write this post. My sister and cousin said I made the whole process look so easy. Easy! I laughed and told them, “Oh contrar.” It has not been an easy process. Today, while cooking my third meal since my surgery in August, I danced to the oldies like a fool on a high. It felt so good to move around without pain in my right hip. I was out of breath after a session to “Boom-Boom Pow.”

My new hip is working better than the original . . . well, better than the original, after years of osteoarthritis. My mobility is much better today and appears to be improving daily. My stamina is good too. I worked on the newsletter for work and another project for six hours on Wednesday and four more hours today. I am able to hang. One more week and I’ll be returning to work. I need to work . . . emotionally as well as financially. My work still defines me somehow and I crave it desperately. I am thankful for my part-time job.

This weekend, I am hanging with my sister and a friend to recapture the excitement of the release of the Twilight movies. I am really looking forward to to this movie showing. We’re actually going to watch the latter three movies in the series. There’s nothing more exciting than watching old movies with like-minded fans. I’m fixing subs and maybe some other pick-up food. Sissy is providing the drinks. Sure hope she remembers the popcorn.

My old sleeping patterns have returned and it’s not what I need right now with returning to work in my near future. I sit up most of the night and wee-hours. I’ve got a lot to do today and can’t over sleep. Maybe next week, I’ll sleep better.

I thank God that I made it through major surgery basically intact, with only a short small scar on the front of my upper thigh. I’ve got to remember to keep rubbing that coco-butter into the surgical site. Still gotta to break up that scar tissue.