Well, if so, then I’m in good company — Hume’s, when he says, “reason is, and ought only to be the…
Larry Sanger

Really? This is the best that the co-founder of Wikipedia can come up with to justify his hatred of a social group? If David Hume said that, he wasn’t thinking very clearly. Many, many awful things have been done when reason is made the slave of human emotions. We human animals are weak and easily ruled by our impulses. Reason is the only thing we have to stop us giving way, as well as for finding solutions to problems. And as for it being servant to your values — well, what if someone has different values to your own? You can’t argue against them because reason is under their thumb, so anyone’s values are as good as anyone else’s.

Please, your self-righteousness is not impressing me either. Perhaps you need to try a bit of empathy. What would you do if it were your own son or daughter that, during a heart-to-heart, told you they were sexually attracted to prepubescent children? Would you condemn him or her in the same absolutist, look-how-morally-upstanding-I-am tones that you use against this group? I hope you would want to know more, you would at least try to imagine what it’s like to live with this every day when there are so many people with your values pitted so mindlessly against them.