It was 10 am. She had just woken up. Oh no. She was wondering what made her sleep for 12 long hours. She had gone to bed, the previous night at around 10 pm. She seldom never over sleeps.

She walks up to the main door only to find it locked from outside. Oh NO. What’s even happening… she was shocked.

She rushed to the balcony as she found the balcony door open. She usually closed it and locked it from inside,every night.

There was a person standing at the far end of the balcony, near the washing machine … she didn’t know who it was.

“hey! Who’re you? What are you doing here, in my balcony?” The other person turned and simply stared at her and didn’t say a word.

She panicked, tried closing the balcony door but couldn’t move it slightly even. She felt weak physically.

She was so afraid that she ran to her bedroom, locked the door and dialed to the emergency help. It kept ringing and nobody attended. She tried again and there was no response. She,then, dialed to her neighbor and again there was no response.

She rang up to her bestie and again there was no response. She felt terribly upset.

A few minutes later she heard her bedroom door being knocked. She had started to shiver out of fear. She rang to her best friend again and the knock only became louder and louder.

She screamed, “who’s that?” at the top of her voice. “It’s me” said the voice from the other side of the door. She could recognize that it was her bestie’s voice and rushed to open the door.. and just before opening, she uttered, “Is that really you?”..

“yes.. yes it’s me” said the voice from the other side of the door.

She started weeping and forgot to open the door until she heard the knock again. She opened it now.

It was her bestie … she just hugged her.

“what makes you cry dear?” asked her bestie.

“you.. you know Anika, I called you. I was angry that u didn’t pick my call. But..”

“wait.. did u call me? my phone is here at home. And I had put it on charge.”

“oh! So where did u go?”

“to get milk packets as usual”

“at this time you go for milk?”

“at what time? It’s usual time only know..”

“ what?? Ok check what’s the time?”

“what happened Anju? It’s 7..”

“oh. 7? In which clock,yours?”

“Anju!! Jus stop playing”

“who’s playing? I’m seriously asking”

“go check in your phone. Don’t pester me anymore.”

Runs to take her phone and shows it to Anika.

“see.. it’s not 7”

“your right.. it’s 7.11 now.. so what? I’m supposed to know even the minutes and seconds before telling you the time? Jus go away Anju.. I need to prepare breakfast ”

Oh. What the hell. She saw and it’s 7:12 am now. Oh no! She’s confused. She felt giddy and just fell down.

“Hey! Anju” a feeble voice which later became a very loud one literally shook her up.

She opened her eyes to see Anika standing next to her. “Ani..” she fumbled.

“Anju! Dun wry.. you’re alright now.”

“But what did happen to me?”

“nothing.. you slept for 5 days continuously and didn’t wake at all”

“ what???”

“hey I’m just kidding. Your afternoon nap turned into sleep I guess .. it’s 6 pm now and I’m gonna go out to get milk as usual”

She felt weird.

“hey Ani.. just wait!! Lemme come with you!”

“Anju, you’re supposed to take rest. Don’t you remember what the doctor told us yesterday when you were discharged”


“Take rest properly for a month and you’ll be completely alright he told. Your knee cap shouldn’t be strained so your supposed to walk only inside home.. and your head has to be placed a bit higher when you lay down and shouldn’t bang it to even soft things like the bed.”

“why.. why???? What happened to my head..?”

“Ayo.. Anju, nothing happened really. No physical damages as per diagnosis so far.. yet doctor suspects some internal damage or maybe due to the shock you underwent while falling down the stairs the other day..”

“when did I fall off? How?”

“ you forgot everything?? Maybe this is why doctor told u to be careful. You fell down from our balcony a week ago.. and I don’t know how cuz you were sleeping .. when I went out to…”

“went out to get milk?”

“no.. I was talking to our neighbour Viruthika, in the corridor.”


“okay.. lemme go and I’ll be back within 15 minutes. Take rest Anju”


She stood up and walked slowly towards the mirror to only see her injured parts covered with bandages .. from left wrist to the shoulder and the leg below the right knee.

‘Oh. No! What’s this …’ She saw a silhouette near the TV. ‘Heyyy….w-h-o i…s… thaat..’ She just fell off.
‘Anikaa…’ her heart whispered for one last time before it decided to rest.
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