Aventus — Blockchain-based Event Ticketing Solution

These days, the development of technology has enable people to perform their business with more conveniences. If you are working in a ticketing industry or event promotion industry, you must consider joining Aventus. Some of you may never hear about this platform before. If you want to know more about it, you can check this Aventus review.

What is Aventus?

Aventus is a blockchain-based event ticketing solution. Blockchain is a popular technology. However, not everyone understands what it is. This particular technology is in the form of distributed database. This database is used for maintaining a continuously increasing list of records or blocks. Those blocks contain previous block’s link and timestamp. The data in the block cannot be modified without modifying the collusion of the network and entire subsequent blocks. It can be used as a ledger for recording transactions of two parties effectively.

This ticketing solution offers more security because of its blockchain base. In addition, Aventus offers transparent and fair solution. The system applied in this solution can minimize unregulated touting and fraud. Therefore, users can get high quality solution for their ticketing and promotion.

With this platform, event organizers are capable of creating, managing, and promoting events with more ease. It also allows them to cut the platform cost. Therefore, you can save your money for other things. Moreover, you will also be able to set price controls. And one of the best things you’ll get from this platform is that you will get commission on secondary market sales

How does it work?

Aventus is pretty easy to use. Once you joined this platform, you will be able to start your project. Here are the steps you must follow.
- Create the event
You must sign up to this platform before you can make any plan about the event at Aventus.
- Set the ticket market standard
At this stage, you must set the ticket price. In addition, you must also set the price rang if you want them to be resold.
- Promote your event
With blockchain-based-micro-payment provided by this platform, you can promote your event effectively and efficiently. In addition, it also helps you to spend less money on promotion.
- Sell your tickets and verify them with minimal cost
You don’t need to worry about the security of your transaction. Your transaction is safe. In addition, it is also easy to verify your sales. You can install the app on your Smartphone to perform the verification.

With Aventus, your event organizer business will get many advantages.