BitCAD : New Business System on Blockchain

BitCAD new business system on blockchain

Encryption is one of the most important strategic measure for a company in this digital age. Not only important to avoid corporate’s system hacks and data breaches, but also to avoid the severe negative reaction following the breach. Regardless of the scale of those affected, a data breach of any kind and size is widely considered as a fatal blunder by the market. It does not matter if there is only a small number of your customers affected, at the end of the day, the words will spread like wildfire and your company will have to face the consequences.

In the age where we rely on technology and internet, companies offering online service absolutely must pay more attention to their data security. This can be done by assessing the company’s own information risks, auditing the company’s security policies as well as information systems and protections. The fact that hackers are always one step ahead of the game must be a good enough reason for companies to take a proactive, yet aggressive approach — not only by establishing the proper security standards, but also developing a secure, encrypted platform.

Anything in this modern digital era is easily intercepted. This is the primary reason why sensitive informations such as financial information and other important data related to a business must be protected at all cost. Encryption algorithms are the best option for a business to have, while softwares offering business platforms may claim that they are secure, they very often only use a rather simplistic encryption piece which is more than easy to figure out. Setting up your own platform and protocol on the best software you can find may just be what you need. Interestingly enough, BitCAD is aware of both sides of the coin — the importance of encrypted platform, and the complicated process behind it. For that reason, they develop BitCAD, an application with decentralized network for all business operating systems and processes. Its multistakeholder approach ensures its compliance; without borders, with all community-driven conditions, and is open to all people.

BitCAD does not only offer security and stability for your business, it also offers accessibility and simplicity — offering multicurrency such as Dollars, Euro, Poundsterling and multiple cryptocurrency as well as various Digital Assets such as Bitcoin and many more. To us, however, the best thing from BitCAD is its smart contracts feature, its 3-stage automated-process dispute resolution department, and its biometric authentication which includes face recognition, palm vein and fingerprint identification.

Author: wahyu5